High energy-efficient house

The first low-energy house has build in Sofia, according to European standards and requirements for energy efficiency, energy passport and protocol tests for density.

The house is semi-detached. Made of wood, stone and natural materials with a total area of 400 sqm. It has two floors. The construction of the house is solid wood, in the section between slabs, stairs and the roof. The surrounding walls of the house are made of wood and wood materials with insulation alpine technology. The foundation of the house was built by “Lirato Building” LTD. At this stage, the most important thing is to observe all sizes set by the constructor parameters and to perform quality heat and waterproofing of the foundation. The elements of the house are manufactured by Meiberger for 40 days. The house is built on the spot for five weeks by the Austrian team. External and internal frames are high-quality combination of aluminum and PVC, the doors are massive veneer manufactured entirely from Josko Windows & Doors, Austria. The outer insulation of the house is heraklit boards covered with treated by a special technology Siberian larch (Class A) in combination with lime-cement mortar. The facade is ventilated, and the floors of the house are all integrated systems – water, sewer, heating, cooling and ventilation.


Author Veda Asset EAD

Benefits in terms of investors and users:

  • Professional advice when choosing the design decisions on individual parts;
  • Healthy climate, convenience and comfort;
  • Long life cycle with cheap and easy maintenance;
  • Specific quality of each building block, installation or system;
  • Resistance to 7-degree earthquake on the Richter scale
  • Fixed-term manufacturing and construction;
  • Fixed price for designing, manufacturing and construction;
  • Extremely low energy costs:
  • For the existing two-family house (400 sq. M area): 50 lev / month;
  • For each single-family house (200 sq. Meters area): 25 lev / month.


“LIRATO BUILDING” LTD.  is a company with a reputation for innovation follower of the highest level of design and performance.