Interior Design

We offer you complete interior design for home or office – from lighting fixtures, flooring to furniture and furnishings.

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We build your Ideas

We offer to you ideas for projects and production kitchens, doors, closets, children’s rooms, leaving room, and bathroom.

  • At our first meeting, we will get to know in detail all of your requirements;
  • We will have visited the place which has to be repaired also will take some pictures of the rooms and current installations;
  • We will offer a price quote, development of interior design for the composition of the premises and distribution of furniture;
  • We will give you a plan for demolition and construction of walls;
  • We will offer you adequate technical solution if you need an electrical installation, lighting and plumbing;
  • You will be given broad-spectrum choices of flooring, consistent with the function of the premises and furniture; lighting; colors and textiles.

in the decision

Our customers can be confident that the approved project will have finished with utmost precision to the smallest detail in the implementation of construction work.

Color harmony

Basic Law for the harmony of the colors seen in the use of similar color tones. Within one color tone is a possible combination of any lightness or saturation. In the case of working with opposite colors on the color wheel, we recommend caution regarding the intensity and size of the colored spots.


Interior decorative plasters

We will offer a large selection of decorative plasters. They have a thickness of several millimeters and recreated from ancient and avant-garde styles in interior design, a boutique effects of the latest in fashion. The decorative plasters offer processing capabilities can be mirror smooth, surface like rocks, stones and others.